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Improve Your Style: How To Style A Pair of Jeans

Posted on May 04 2018

If there’s one fashion piece we would bet all women have in their wardrobe, all of our money would go on a pair of jeans.

Whether you’re someone who gravitates towards edgy style, minimal style, feminine style, or boho style, almost all women have that go-to pair of jeans, on hand, at all times. It’s a style staple, after all.  

Having said that, because you’ve come to rely so heavily on your denim, there’s a distinct possibility that your denim styling has become tired or boring.

No good, ladies. You don’t want to be rocking a yawn-worthy outfit, right?

No thank you!

So today, in order to breathe a little fresh air back into your denim, we’re going to share with you some tips for how you can restyle your denim for the ultimate fashion-forward look.

You ready to uplevel your style? Here are four new ways to style your denim:

1) Try Crop Denim and Killer Shoes

One of our favourite tricks for giving a basic look a major dash of style is through cropped denim. What cropped denim allows you to do is show off a great pair of shoes. Whether it’s strappy heels, wedges, pumps, booties, or even a sexy pair of stilettos, cropped denim is slimming and oh-so-chic. And, oh yes, as all fashion-forward ladies know, throwing on a pair of killer heels easily takes a look from standard to smoke-show status in seconds!

Image via La Petite Noob

Ready to hit that new level of style for yourself? Oh girl, we’ve got you! Try out the Mavi Crop Jeans. With these babies in your wardrobe, you can simply throw on your favourite heels, and voila, you’ve gone from zero to fashion hero, just like that!


2) Change Up The Colour/Wash of The Denim

Got yourself a pair of blue jeans?

Yup, that’s what we thought.

Whether it be light wash or dark wash, there’s just something about blue jeans that are classic, comfortable, and versatile. Trust us, we get the appeal.

But hey, if you’re in that position of feeling like you’re in a style rut, it might be time to try out a new wash.

Image via Haute Off The Rack

White jeans are fresh, summery, and perfect to style with some chambray.


Black jeans can easily be matched with anything and everything, while also adding a little more sophistication to a look.


And of course, grey and olive coloured jeans bring a serious dose of style edge.



Switching up the colour might seem like too simple of a way to change up your style, but if you’ve been wearing the same shaded denim day in and day out, this small change could make a huge impact on your style game. Guaranteed.

3) Play With Details + Don’t Be Afraid of Embellishment

Similar to getting into a colour rut, you can also get into a style rut when it comes to your denim. Are you constantly wearing straight-legged denim? Are boyfriend jeans your go-to? Or perhaps you just can’t seem to end your love affair with skinny jeans?

If this is you, we highly recommend adding some other styles into your wardrobe. You should of course always gravitate towards the style that makes you feel most confident, but if you’re tired or bored of your current looks, this is likely a sign that you need to change it up!

 Having said that, like we said, you should always rock the jeans that make you feel most confident. If a pair of high-waisted skinnies gives you that confidence and all other jean styles just don’t vibe with you, then try switching it up with some different embellishments or details.

Image via Atlantic Pacific

So, for example, stick with your highwaisted skinnies that you love, but perhaps get a distressed pair? Or why not try the fringe denim trend? This season we’ve even seen things like pearl embellishment, embroidered flowers, and patchwork all showing up on various styles of denim. Embrace some of these more trendy embellishments and details, while staying true to the denim style that feels most natural to you, and we’ll bet you’ll be feeling like a true Style Queen next time you’re out and about.

4) Play With Your Style

But hey, maybe you’ve tested out denim styles and colours, but you’re just having a difficult time styling the denim to get the desired look that you want. No worries. As always, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re having a rough time styling your denim, it’s time to stop focusing on the denim itself, and instead put effort into other aspects of your style.

For example, maybe you have a pair of high-waisted jeans, but for whatever reason you just can’t seem to get the look down. Well, then perhaps it’s time to style them differently. Maybe you keep trying to tuck shirts into your high-waisted denim, but perhaps a bodysuit or a crop top would make for a better silhouette on your particular body type? Or maybe you have a great pair of flared jeans, but you keep trying to style them with flat shoes. Why not try them out with some wedge heels for a more retro-inspired look.

 Image via They All Hate Us

One of the biggest mistakes people make when styling outfits is they give up on the style too soon. When you don’t achieve your desired look right off the bat, you assume that style is just not for you, but trust us, that’s not always true. Sometimes, really all it takes is a little willingness to experiment and try out different styling. When you play with fashion, that’s when you have the best results.

So ladies, tell us, how will you be changing up your denim style? If you’re ready for more style in your life, don’t forget to check out our denim shop for all the best denim trends.

We’ve always got your style covered.

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