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How To Take Your Look From Day To Night

Posted on September 21 2018

You’re finishing up at the office after a long day of work. You pull out your phone to see that your friends are wanting to meet up for Friday night drinks. You eagerly text back that you’ll be there, only to look down at your outfit and realise you’re currently in a pair of simple black trousers and an unflattering blazer…

Not exactly the outfit you want to wear as you sip your cocktail, right?

Probably not, but lucky for you, you’re prepared! You know how to easily take your look from day to night for a seamless transition. So go ahead, hit the town. With these tips on how to take your look from day to night, you can’t go wrong.

1) Be Prepared

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First things first, the best tip that we can give when it comes to taking your look from day to night is to be prepared. This means doing your best to always dress in a manner that can easily be transitioned. For example, if you have a pair of unflattering pants that you’re constantly wearing that can’t be saved, no matter how much dressing up you do, ditch ‘em. When you do your shopping, try your best to seek out pieces that you can imagine dressing up or down, with items that you already have in your current wardrobe. You’ll find having plenty of basics will make this much easier to hit the town at a moment’s notice.

2) Stock Up

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While it might seem slightly over-the-top to keep a spare change of clothes at work, depending on how close you live to home, it might be worth it to at least have some accessories in your desk drawer. Trust us, that standard white blouse that you love to wear to the office will look much more nighttime appropriate with some big statement earrings, or a flashy necklace. Even if you could keep a standard pair of black heels at the office, you’d be surprised to see how much this might end up serving you.

3) Accessories are Queen

Image via Brighton The Day

If there’s one tip that never fails when it comes to taking your look from day to night, it is always to style with accessories. Whether it be trendy jewellery, a flashy clutch, or eye popping shoes, accessories easily add some glam to a look. Having said that, to keep accessorising easy, you’ll likely find having a little black dress or trendy white top in your wardrobe to be your best bet for easy accessorising. Whether we’re talking about a black dress that you wear to the office, or while out and about on the weekend, you can easily transform a black dress into something nighttime appropriate with accessories. Wearing a simple, black, pencil dress? Throw on some oversized hoops, strappy heels, and a bright lipstick, and you’ve got yourself a nighttime look! Or perhaps you’re in a basic t-shirt dress and sneakers while running errands? Slip into some booties, throw on a big statement necklace, with some smokey eye makeup, and suddenly, you’re totally nighttime appropriate. Easy peasy.

4) Jackets Also Work

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If you’re not a big accessories girl, we also love using jackets and blazers to give our looks a more nighttime appropriate edge. A leather jacket over a basic dress suddenly takes the look from standard to perfect for date night. And really, you barely had to lift a finger. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us!

5) When in doubt…

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And, when you’re just not sure on how to take your look from day to night, we always suggest wearing black. Unless you’re wearing an oversized tee, black will almost always have a more sophisticated look about it than almost any other colour or print. In fact, if you have some gold jewellery on hand and sassy red lipstick, black can go from sophisticated to totally on-trend and chic, just like that. And lucky for you, we have plenty of black pieces that can easily be styled for a look that will get heads turning, including this best-selling midi dress and this trendy halter top.

And there you have it: some simple tips for taking your look from day to night. They don’t take much time or effort, and most importantly, they allow you to have your night on the town, while still looking top-notch. No complaints here. As one of Australia's premier online clothing boutiques, our mission is to build a legacy. A legacy that transcends fashion.

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