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4 Fashion Tips Every Guy Should Know

Posted on December 20 2019

From time-to-time, we all seem to lose our creative flair, our stylish edge, and in no time at all, our wardrobe seems to start looking dull and uninspiring. It begins in subtle ways, by repeating outfits fairly too quickly or grabbing the same old items and just walking out the front door, without even a second glance at our complete outfit. You find yourself bored with your clothes, and that can start to filter into other areas of your life. Feeling uninspired can be a significant obstacle to overcome, the longer we leave it there to simmer.

So how do we inspire ourselves again? Well, we can start to look at our wardrobes, wondering whether we should get rid of everything and start budgeting for some new clothes. Its tempting to quickly rush out to buy the latest trends to re-energise our look, search for designer clothes online and scroll through menswear magazines frantically. But, the solution may be easier than, and cheaper, than that.

In this blog, Picpoket has put together the top fashion tips every guy should know about, tips that can help you develop a style that is timeless but has personality, lasts over many seasons and makes economical use of what you already have in your closet.

Fashion Tip 1 - Swap Out Your Graphics

While graphic and loud t-shirts may have seemed appealing in your younger days, they do not translate well over time. They seem clumsy and ill-fitting as you age and somewhat inappropriate. They also appear to be more casual, and even the most refined man will have difficulty pulling it off without looking informal. Although graphics make for great garments when out on a casual night with the guys or for relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon, swapping them out for grown-up prints can enhance your style. Stoned washes, stripes and block out colours can seem more mature as well as more interesting.

Fashion Tip 2 - Shop Smart

Buying everything you see on a mannequin because it looks like a well-put-together outfit, might be a sensible decision for this season but that does not necessarily mean it is an outfit that can work for future trends or even your style, which can adapt. Purchase items that are an investment in your style and your wardrobe, that are versatile enough to work with any combination of outfits. Visiting large, popular retail stores can be the better choice for your basics but shopping at thrift stores and designer online stores to find one-of-a-kind pieces that truly stand out make more of an impact. Spend more money on the garments that you intend to wear for more than one season.

Fashion Tip 3 - Jeans Are Not Your Only Option

As men mature, they tend to gravitate towards jeans for everyday wear. Jeans are versatile to use, which often makes them the quickest choice to grab and go for those busy days. However, they should not be your only option, and every man should invest in well-fitting chinos and trousers in a variety of neutral tones that can work with any colour combination. It’s easy to blend other trousers into your wardrobe and still keep a casual look, a striped shirt and brogues make for a more refined look on a night out.

Fashion Tip 4 - Use Shoes To Complete Your Look

Although reaching for your favourite sneakers is your easiest styling decision for the night, a scruffy-looking pair can make your whole outfit look haphazard. And that’s because shoes should never be an afterthought to a look, but rather the last addition that brings together your outfit cohesively. Shoes should be comfortable, stylish and appropriate. But that does not mean you need to own a different shoe for every look. Purchasing a few staples, such as formal or leather shoes in neutral tones, will allow you to match effortlessly with any outfit. Sneakers can still be worn out, especially if they are an essential aspect of your style, but they should be clean and not worn down. 

Dressing well should not be some sort of unachievable goal, that only models and actors seem to get right. Nor do you need your own stylist to ensure you have the right clothes. If you are looking for stylish men’s clothing in Australia or are shopping for designer clothes online, why not look at our selection at Picpoket? We offer a wide variety of different items that are modern and well-crafted that will stay in fashion every season.

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