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How To Wear a Jumpsuit Like a Pro

Posted on May 25 2018

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been out shopping, seen a jumpsuit, liked the style, but weren’t certain whether you could pull off the look yourself? Oh girl, trust us, you’re not alone. For many, the jumpsuit is a style that women might appreciate, but it’s not necessarily one that we’re all flocking to.

Well, we’re saying no more! It’s time to put an end to jumpsuit avoidance and learn how to implement this trendy fashion piece into your wardrobe for an oh-so-chic look that’s wearable, flattering, and super comfortable. As always, we’ve got your back when it comes to great style.

Here are our best tips for pulling off a jumpsuit like a total pro.

Find Your Perfect Fit

First things first, let’s get the hard work out of the way, shall we? One of the major reasons for why women avoid jumpsuits like the plague is because of the fear of fit. And really, this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise for us. Finding a jumpsuit that flatters your particular body type can be a real challenge for many. But here’s the deal: once you find your perfect fit, and you know what looks flattering on, the hard work is done, and you’ll have a figure flattering look that can be worn time and time again.

The rule of thumb is quite simple: you’ll likely find that whatever dress styles look flattering on you will also apply to jumpsuit styles as well. If you’re petite, opt for something cropped and fitted close to the body, like the always popular Desert Flower Jumpsuit. A fitted jumpsuit like this will prevent an overwhelming amount of fabric from overtaking your small frame. If you want to flatter your waist, seek out something belted, like the Raffinne Jumpsuit. And if you’ve got hips for days, stick to a flared bottom, like the Buzzcocks Playsuit for a looser and more comfortable fit. Take the time to find your perfect fit, and we have no doubts you’ll be rocking a jumpsuit in no time.


Stay True To Your Own Style

In a similar vein, let’s chat a little further about staying in your own lane when it comes to picking a jumpsuit style for yourself. One of the main reasons why women tend to pick the wrong fit for themselves is because they’re paying attention to what styles look good on other women. No, no no! Don’t get caught up on what styles look good on other people. Pay attention to your own body, and flatter the parts you love, while concealing the parts you might be more self conscious of. The same goes for print and pattern. Just because that floral print looks good on your friend, doesn’t mean it’s going to work the same on you. Try something classic, like the Precipice Jumpsuit, for example.

Really, it all boils down to staying true to your own style preferences. Do that, and we have a feeling a jumpsuit might just become your new go-to style.

Pay Attention To The Occasion

Just as with most clothing pieces, a jumpsuit will come in a variety of styles to suit various occasions. There are plenty of jumpsuits that scream chic, but there are also jumpsuits that are better suited for a casual evening at home. To really pull of a jumpsuit like a pro, you need to pick the right style for your event. Thicker, more structured fabrics are generally better suited for formal events. Something like the Blackstar Jumpsuit perhaps? On the other hand, something like a cotton or polyester blend is the perfect loungewear piece, like the always popular Revs Dungaree Jumpsuit. Of course you can dress your jumpsuit up or down, but to really pull off the look, we suggest carefully considering the event, and knowing what jumpsuit style is most appropriate.

Heels Are Your Best Friends

While you can certainly wear a jumpsuit with a flat pair of shoes, when in doubt, always go with heels. When wearing a jumpsuit, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with the style, there’s a tendency for the piece to make average height woman appear shorter than they really are. To avoid this, we always recommend throwing on a pair of heels with your jumpsuit. Not only will it help combat the fact that you’re suddenly vertically challenged, it’ll also give your look a nice style edge.

In particular, cropped jumpsuits tend to pair very nicely with heels. Once again, we highly recommend giving that Desert Flower Jumpsuit a peek for a dash of style goodness.

A Belted Waist Seals The Deal

Heels might be your best friend, but a belted waist comes in a close second for that BFF title. We always recommend a belted waist on a jumpsuit, because it helps define your figure, elongate your legs, and gives you a more feminine and curvy look. Yes, yes, and more yes!

Check out our favourite Westward Tribute Jumpsuit for a great belted option.

Keep it Classic

And last but not least, we’ll leave you with this simple piece of advice: when in doubt, keep it classic. The jumpsuit is a scary style. Don’t overcomplicate it with any wild patterns, bold colours, or excessive detailing. Keep the look classic and refined, and you’ll likely find a jumpsuit much more wearable and less scary. Something like the Casablanca Jumpsuit is an excellent option for all you jumpsuit virgins out there.

So, who’s ready to get their jumpsuit on? Like we’ve said, while it might be a scary style now, once you’ve eased yourself into it, you’re going to wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place. Seriously.

And hey, if you’re ready to dive headfirst into jumpsuits, don’t forget to check out our full collection of stylish jumpsuit that are perfect, no matter what your style, or level of experience with jumpsuits. Trust us, your wardrobe will be thanking you.

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